Trip to Dubai and 1.5 Million Naira for Jackye- BB Naija Pepper Dem

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Talent has fulfilled people’s dreams than a certificate, but not many have learnt to stick to their talents. While some have discovered their talents and yet can’t do anything with it, a good number are still searching. Those who discovered theirs and gave it a touchstone of life have gone places with it.

Have you discovered your talent? If yes, what have you done with it? Please don’t hide your talent whenever it is needed. Using it when needed could be your breakthrough in life.

Jackye is not a music artist, but the little she has in her made her the best among the remaining seventeen housemates. There is no harm in trying, and not trying deprives a lot.

The little talent she got took her to the finals of the Pepsi Lyrics challenge with Seyi. Both did well but Biggie wanted a winner. It was Jackye.

The reward is a trip to Dubai and 1.5 Milion naira. Jackye was very excited and happy for coming out best in the challenge.

Jackye likes a challenge in her life, she is a software engineer,  and had led her software engineering team to win a contract to build Finetech app for one of the biggest company in Africa.

She is 23, a virgin who had one boyfriend in her entire life. It is her philosophy that she never loses. It is either she wins or learns something. Jackye is not a fan of slow people and she has shown that severally in the house. She argues her points objectively and conclusively.

If Jackye is the winner of the reality show, she hopes to invest it in an ongoing tech project that will make Artificial Intelligence affordable to Africans. Isn’t this dream quite interesting?

The Pepsi lyrics challenge is ably sponsored by Pepsi.