Triton Among Minnows by Celestine Nnaemeka Achebe

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Title: Triton Among Minnows

Author: Celestine Nnaemeka Achebe

Genre: Fiction (Novel)

Format: Paperback

Book Dimension: 5.5 x 8

File Size (E-book): 

Number of Pages (Paperback): 215

Publication Year: December 20, 2011

Publisher: BlueCoast & Co, Abuja

ISBN: 978-223608X

Available at: Amboccu Publications Bookshop, Abuja, Campusaga Media

Short Description: Triton Among Minnows divulged vividly the intrigues of human exploitation in Nigeria, modern slavery maintained by impenitent governments that had been adamant to quagmires of unemployment. This novel x-rayed human degradation faced by a good number of Nigerian youths in the hands of foreign investors and indigenous employers of labour. Avani Industry was such a modern slave yard where threats, intimidation, betrayal, fear and hopelessness thrive for fear of unemployment. Kachi was posted to Avani industry for his primary assignment. The struggle by him to restore the dignity of Nigerian youths thrown to the mire by the Indians in Avani Industry became his individual Community Development Project. Success at the end of his struggle brought sanity that benefited Nigerian Youths and  Avani Industry. Kachi did not go unrewarded, he earned the NYSC National Award.

Category: Literary Fiction