Trump Senate Impeachment Trial Officially Begins

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Trump Senate impeachment trial officially begins as Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in today as the presiding officer of President Trump’s impeachment trial. Justice John Robert, in turn, administered an oath to all 100 senators.

The Senate had issued a summon to the President to answer to the charges.

The House Democrats had earlier delivered the articles to the senate, initiating the process.

Article 1: Abuse of Power

Donal Trump is accused of using the power of the presidency for his own benefit. It alleged that Trump uses the federal government and taxpayers money for personal benefits

Article 2: Obstruction of Congress

Donald Trump is accused of blocking congress investigation into his alleged wrongdoings.

Proceedings for Previous Trials

In previous trials, Senators proceeded by taking an oath of impartiality and will work six days a week until they’ve voted on both articles of impeachment. If there are witnesses, senators can ask them questions in writing, and the presiding official, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is expected to read it out loud.

Trump’s Fate After the Trial

If Donald  Trump is convicted on even one count, the Constitution says he has to be removed from office.

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