UI Bursar to Reps: Our Auditor went blind while working on our account

House of Reps members were thrown into a shock in the early hours of Thursday. This happened as the University of Ibadan Bursar informed the Reps that the Auditor general of the university went blind during the audit of the school account.

The Bursar, Mr. Michael Alatise shocked the  House of Representatives’ Public Accounts Committee when he informed them that his institution could not render audited accounts because the external Auditor engaged became blind while on the job.

However, the  lawmakers discovered that the said blind external Auditor was still being paid retainership by the University as recent as last year.

The panel, on hearing this, expressed surprised because the Bursar was taking the House Committee, and by extension the whole country, for a ride, just as it ordered a full investigation into the University’s Financial Activities.