Unshaven Beard Caused Law Student’s Death From Exam Hall -Condolence to Igbacamp!



Campusaga snooped around Nigeria Universities and campuses to keep you posted. It was like an April fool because it was April 1, 2019. Campusaga was in Igbariam Campus (Igbacamp) of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Anambra State,  and a law student was like to one other, “please stop, some expensive jokes are not meant for April fool.”

” Am not kidding, Casa is dead.”

Campusaga became more interested as the other student and snooped more around Igbacamp. It was gathered that a very popular law student of  400 level truly was involved in Road Traffic Crash (RTC) that led to his death while on a bike to get his beard shaved.  Eze Goodluck Chidera supposed to have been seated with other classmates for an exam that was ongoing as at the time of his death. He was earlier at the exam hall for the exam but was driven away by a lecturer or invigilator or both to shave his beard before he would be allowed to take the exam. So he met his death from the exam hall. Sad.










Campusaga joined the sad faces and angry voices in Igbacamp to ask, “when has it become exam regulation that a student must get shaved before taking an exam?”

When the unthinkable happens, equally, unthinkable questions of would have been a creep in numbers. And of course, there should have been many unthinkable steps that could have been taken to avoid a tragedy. Regrets and blames that may not address the situation here and there. 

While Campusaga calls on the University Authority to make lecturers and student behave to avoid stories that touch, Igbacamp, please accept our condolence. Adieu Casa.