Virus Hunters and Pandemic Prevention

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Virus hunters are scientists in search of the virus from probable carriers and the essence is trying to prevent a pandemic. One of the known carriers of virus is the bat and they hunt virus from bat by extracting blood from a vein on their wings, carrying out oral and faecal swabs and gather droppings.

According to Daszak, a virus hunter who spoke to CNN said they collected more than 15,000 bat samples which led to the identification of around 500 new coronaviruses, and one of those found in China in 2013 was a possible ancestor of COVID-19.

If the essence of medical research is to identify the carriers of pathogen and the prevention of pandemic that may result because of their presence, then the scientists are not doing enough in the prevention.

Bat are the carriers of many viruses and they exist in limestone caves in China’s south-western Yunnan province, in Myanma and Kenya, and other parts of the world. Mere searching for existence of the pathogens in the suspected carriers to build the open-source library of all known animal viruses from which scientist can forecast which strains are most likely to spill over to humans, in order to ready the world for a new pandemic like COVID-19, is not proactive. Why should the world be allowed to be ready for a pandemic in such brazen levity?

Animals with no known economic values that bear these pathogens should be exterminated from the face of the world where they exist. It does not make sense to allow them to exist for the stories that touch later. See the untold suffering around the globe because of the spread of the virus.   Work of virus hunters should be to find the carriers of the virus that have no economic value and recommend the extermination wherever they exist in any part of the world.

Attention should be given to all known animal carriers of the virus to get rid of them, only to battle with the issue of the artificial generation where it cannot be avoided.

The true means of prevention of pandemic is to uproot the root causes which are the pathogen carriers. Extermination is the answer.