Waffi Proverbs and Naija Rugged Talks- Stress Reliever

very funny

Campusaga snoops to ask Nigerians how do they manage stress. Nigerians provided answers with proverbs and rugged talks.

With these proverbs and Najia rugged talks, you must teach yourself how to manage stress:

1. Na person wey never see problem dey use good English dey pray.

2. Book wey no gree enter head, go enta exam hall…

3. Goat wey get mind follow lion go catch fish, make e know say weda dem catch fish or not, Lion food don set o.

4. Who naked no dey shuuk hand for pocket…!

5. Wetin concern dog wit family planning?

6. Na determination dey make Okada overtake trailer for road.

7. This one good, this one good, na in mad man take dey gather plenty load.

8. Pikin wey go strong go strong…. No be until dem name am Samson.

9. Na over confidence naim make February no complete.

10. Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?…Naso hold up take dey start.

11. Head wey no wan think go carry load..

12. Them dey hide craze man, him dey blow whistle.

13.  Forget Trust! If trust dey, water for no boil Fish