Wealth Creation Through “Social Capital Theory”

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Wealth creation through social capital theory is the day-to-day lifestyles that will make you invest in human capital without consciously knowing you are accumulating huge wealth.

Oh, you may not have known what is Social Capital, right?

What is Social Capital?

According to Richard Machalek et’ al in the International Encyclopedia of Social and behavioural science (Second edition), 2015, Social Capital theory contends that social relationships are resources that can lead to the development and accumulation of human capital. And in evolutionary terms, social capital can be defined as any feature of a social relationship that yields reproductive benefits.

Wealth or reproductive benefits is all you have in both human and material resources, but human resources offer all other types of resources, and worth investing more on it. So, simply put, it is worthwhile to invest in human resources through your social lifestyle. Don’t cling to yourself. You can know it all, but, even if you know it all, you can’t do it all. You need human assistance up and down the ladder.

The questions are: why do you think you don’t need a poor man, and why do you think you don’t need a rich man? Both definitely need each other; no man is an Island is an answer. That goes to people of the same level of social status. You need one another. Otherwise, why are people coming together to achieve one thing or the other as a group? It is to gain from Social Capital. Men need women and women need men. You need your school mates, you need your colleagues in the office, you need your brothers, you need your sisters, you need your parents and they equally need you. So why are you self centred?

Investing in social capital makes life easier, keeps you going and happier, and this is wealth creation.

Investing in Social Capital don’t necessarily need much money and in some cases don’t need money at all but being nice in your very little way.

Think of the people you know and those who know you and how they know you. If the way they know you are not capable of making you gain something from them or them gaining from you, then you may need to recreate your relationship with them for reproductive benefits.

Sometimes it is only when people are in need of your help that they remember you or when you are in need of their help that you remember them. For example, when you want to invite them for burial or wedding, and when you need them for special help.

That makes it funny that sometimes you see someone who had not contacted you for 5-10 years comes calling, and suddenly after pleasantries invites you to his or her function. Some who think they are wiser may call you this week for just asking after you, and the next week he calls back with a request for help.

The fact is that many don’t usually attend to such request but even if they do, very reluctantly and with grudges of how suddenly you need him or her because you want some help or needed in a function.

So, you see, social capital is not just built overnight. It is an investment with simple cares and courtesy, those smiles you put on people’s face from time to time, telling them you care and loves them.

Social Capital yields a lot of reproductive benefits when built and consolidated. It can make a big positive difference in people’s life any day, at any moment. It can improve the qualities of life.  Why? You can make money through it, get a job, save your life, makes you happy, etc. Please don’t cling to yourself.

Call people on the phone and ask how they are. Send them birthday messages, like their status on Social Media, render help where you can. This may not be every day, from time to time, but don’t wait for a long time before you do.

Try wealth creation through Social Capital this year and see how you must have improved on your quality of life at the end of the year.