Whoever is Tired of Loving a Woman is Tired of Living

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Just like reading, whoever is tired of loving a woman is tired of living. And again, just like learning, loving your woman is a continuous process. The woman is the most interesting variables of all time.

When she disobeyed God in the garden of Eden and ate the forbidden fruit, she made man partake in the disobedience and when she was asked by God, she blamed the serpent.

Here is a list of why the woman is the most interesting variable of all time:

The woman finds it hard to  appreciate the way she was created by God: The woman wears the wig and weavon,  fixes nails, fixes eyelashes, wears buttocks, wears a girdle, wears high heels, pumps breast, makes over etc

Making a mountain out of a molehill: Everything matter to a woman, no matter how little it is. Everything is a big deal and must surely be trashed out. It doesn’t really matter if it is value-added or not. And you are expected to understand her.

Gets Angry without Knowing the source: One may wonder how one could get angry without knowing the source. If the woman is annoyed and refused to address the issue, the most likely thing is that there is nothing to address because she wouldn’t know what must have caused the anger.

Pretends at own expense: Many women had cried privately because they turned down a man and were unlucky that the man never showed up again. But when she was turning down the man’s advances, she knew she liked the man and wishes to go into a relationship with him.

Saying one thing but expecting a different response: Take a woman to shop, right there she will begin to give you the impression that she doesn’t want you to spend much, but she is wishing that you buy all the good things in the shop for her. Give a woman a call that you are taking her out, she tells you she will not make it for want of time, but the moment you drop the call she will start making up expecting your call again. When you don’t call again, she gets angry and will never let anyone know why she was angry.

The woman is selfish and greed: This is why your woman must have millions in her account and expect you to spend your last kobo on her. The woman cherishes what you give to her more than what they get by herself.

The woman enjoys romance and sex more than the man but finds it hard to ask first for it

Even when a man first asks for it, the woman will resist but wishing you to know she wants it more than you at that moment.

The woman likes and hates lies: Reality and true situation of things piss a woman off. The woman believes much in fantasies, and that is why she easily follows a guy that tells her what she wants to hear. This is why honest guys are turned down by women most of the times. But by the time they find the honest guy is the right man, it is the too late. It is also on this premise that you must recognise the fact that all women are beautiful. Tell a woman she is ugly and she will marry her plane mirror all day. One similar to it is that a woman asked you if she looks fat in an outfit. Please never say yes even if she does, no is the answer.

The woman is possessive: They believe in the winner takes it. The opinion of your woman must matter first in all your affairs even when it is not the best. They feel sad without expression when their opinion is neglected.

The woman finds it hard to accept responsibility or correction: Correct a woman and she will remind you the day you fucked up too, and this must not be expressed, it could be within herself.

The woman has nothing to wear for an even but her wardrobe is overflowing with clothes: Women don’t feel inspired by the dress they have. This is why they keep buying.

The woman likes secret but finds it hard to keep one: Gossip can make two women stand by the roadside for an hour but will fight and quarrel because of one gossip about her.

The solution to deal with all these is a school of its own and no man can graduate from such school. Therefore learn to love them, if you are tired, no one stays with you.