Why Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Suspects Homicide and Hunts for the Truth

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Dr Michael Baden, Pathologist

Mark, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother had insisted on knowing the truth about the death of his brother in Federal facility in August 2019. Jeffrey Epstein was found hanged in his Manhattan jail in August as he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking of charges involving minors of 14.

According to  Fox News, Mark is not happy he ‘s been blocked from getting more information on what suggest homicide rather than mudder.

Reasons to Suspect Homicide

Former New York City Chief medical examiner, Dr Baden was hired to observe the autopsy on Jeffery Epstein.

Baden was surprised how the cause of the death was determined within five days to be suicide by hanging, yet there were unusual injuries.

The autopsy revealed  Epstein’s two neck fractures- one on the right and another on the left side of his larynx

There was also the third fracture on his hyoid bone and Dr Baden said could occur much more commonly  in homicidal strangulation

There are contusions on both wrists. This could be that he was handcuffed and struggled, and was someone holding his wrist?

There were a forearm abrasion and deep muscle haemorrhaging on the left shoulder.

Other Reasons

A lawyer who met with Jeffrey Epstein in jail on August 1- this was days after his supposed initial suicide attempt on July 23, said Epstein did not have injuries then.

Also, David Schoen, Criminal Defense Attorney, told Fox News that after meeting with Jeffrey he realised it wasn’t a suicide attempt but Jeffrey feared he would face consequences if he implicated anyone while he was there, so he kept his mouth shut.

Famous People who were Mentioned in Jeffrey Epstein’s Scandal

Prince Andrew has denied allegation he had sex with Virginia Giuffre when she was 17 and touched Johanna Sjoberg’s breast.

Donald Trump was filmed partying with Jeffrey Epstein but Trump said his ties with him were cut years ago and was not a fan of the convicted paedophile.

Bill Clinton, the former US President allegedly travelled on Epstein’s private jet known as  Lolita Express but he denied ever visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.

Ghislaine Maxwell is Jeffrey’s ex-partner and alleged associate. He was accused of  playing a central role in the paedophile ‘s private life

Les Wexner is a billionaire US businessman. He said Epstein was his former personal money manager. He said he broke ties with Epstein 12 years ago and denied knowledge of his criminal behaviour.

George Mitchell is a former Democrat Us senate majority leader. He said he had never met or had any contact with Virginia Giuffre.

Jean Luc Brunnel is the co-founder of Mc2 Model Management. He sued Epstein and claimed he lost millions by being linked to the paedophile by the media

Glenn Dubin is the fellow hedge fund billionaire. He said he was outraged by the allegations made by Virginia Giuffre and had evidence to disprove them.

Bill Richardson is the former Governor of  New Mexico and denied going to Epstein’s paedo Island or meeting Virginia Giuffre.

Mark is interested in knowing the truth but complained authorities of department of justice had allegedly been giving him the turnaround.

” People should know the truth about what happened in the Federal facility.

” My brother may have been murdered. This is not about me.”