Wife and Husband Hung a Housemaid to Death in Lagos

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Wife and husband have allegedly tortured and hung a housemaid to death in Lagos State, Nigeria.

While the world is fighting COVID-19 with works of mercy and charity being preached around the globe, Mrs Nene Fortune Stephens decided to be more deadly than COVID-19 as alleged by residents.

Miss Joy Akom Adole, 19,  from  Benue State Nigeria was allegedly tortured to death by her mistress Mrs Nene Fortune Stephens of 18 Ogundola Street, Bariga Lagos.

The torture was over a dispute about the deceased’s salary arrears and stealing of indomie noodles. Residents disclosed that when the girl gave up the ghost, Mrs Nene and her husband hung the poor maid and went to the police with a claim that she committed suicide.

However, housemaid’s relative was informed of the disagreement between Joy Akom and her mistress and disagreed with the claims by the couple.

An investigation by the police discovered numerous bodily wounds, while her feet were on the ground not to have helped a suicide. Later, autopsy reveals she was hung after death.

Mrs Nene Fortune Stephens and her husband have since been arrested for the alleged murder.