Wife Kills Husband-Men Watch Your Back

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The reports of wives killing husbands are flourishing. Three days ago we brought the same ugly report to your attention. Wife killed husband, buried and declared him missing.

It is our stand that irrespective of the degree of provocation or offence, killing is a crime and a very wicked way of ending a relationship or marriage.

Campusaga Media also emphasised that the first-day couple met, they welcome each other with smiles. What each carries into the relationship must not be far from joy and goodwill.

It was also in our recent post that they continued to beam smiles even at the traditional marriages and wedding in the presence of God, relations and friends. The smiles are full of hopes that they are compatible and would go on to build a family. All prayers to the success of the marriage

These are why it seems most strange that one should be killed by either the wife or the husband.

Last it was in Rivers State and yesterday, June 29, 2019, it was in Anambra State. Makoduchukwu Ndubisi allegedly stabbed her husband John Bosco Ngu at the chest with a sharp knife.

The ugly incident happened during a scuffle with the husband.

According to the statement by SP Haruna Mohammed, the PPRO Anambra State, the incident happened at 16 Donking Street, Nsugbe in Anambra East Local Government of Anambra State.

Makoduchukwu is 20 years while John Bosco is 35.

The case is still under investigation to ascertain circumstances surrounding the incident.