Women, Money and Love

Regina Daniels and Senator Ned Nwoko
Regina Daniels and Senator Ned Nwoko

Women’s life seems to revolve around these five and four-lettered words respectively (L.O.V.E). While women and money need no explanation, Love had been understood and measured in different ways. Love is abstract and cannot exist alone. Love goes with attachment. No wonder for the old-time questions of ‘why do you love me?’. When one says, “I don’t know why I love him or

her”, the person must be economical with the truth. Love cannot be without attachment.

Reasons for Love

There must be a reason why one loves another.

Campusaga had lots of examples abounding for this assertion:  Parents love their children because they are their children and are the people to inherit and perpetuate their lineage. No parents had loved other people’s children more than theirs despite whatever circumstance.. Even God loves  human beings because he created man for purpose.  We love our siblings because we were born of the same parent. Who says love exist without attachment?

Most women had no reservation why they shouldn’t fall in love with such men that have money with power.Most women love disregarding ugliness, tribe, the age, and religion.  Money with power has been a significant metric to measure how women are attached to influence.

Influence to love

Money with power influences,  breaks the barriers of age, beauty, ugliness, ethnicity, educational qualification. Money gets a woman to love a man without a damn concern. . She told Campusaga that men can see the best of woman’s love when there is money with power. “Can’t you see that Adams Oshiomole, Atiku, Ojukwu, and others had beautiful wives? Such ladies could have not gotten closer to them talk more of marriage if they don’t have money with power.”

That reminds Campusaga that the beautiful Nollywood Actress, Regina Daniel had been linked with Ned Nwoko, old enough to be her father. They are suspected by many to be into a relationship.  If the media speculations were to be true, she will add to the number of beautiful ladies that had crushed on men who had money with power. The other side of the story that Ned is Regina’s Dad had not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

When Campusaga snooped at Anambra State University where Ned was seen with Regina Daniels in an event to know how ladies feel about the suspected relationship. It was amazing that a good number of female undergraduates approved the relationship and were candid they can go into a relationship with the senator-elect. To some others, they wouldn’t care if the man asks for their hands in marriage, even to become a second wife. Some told Campusaga that she was not the first to crush on rich Nigerian man and wouldn’t be the last. “Women needs comfort and influence, ” they added.

“How many more women had built on this mindset?” Campusaga got worried.