🍀In a sexual rut with your partner? Take heart — it’s natural for partners’ sex drives do ebb (gradually decline/A low state; a state of depression) flow through the years and things can definitely be frustrating in the bedroom.

🎗You have to work at it, if you want it to work. Being angry or talking about it ,can not help it.

Check Out this point and some of the solutions.

❤️1. Acknowledge any resentment you may feel or have related to intimacy /sex

🍀If you hear “no, not tonight, honey” enough times, resentment and shame about your desire is bound to build up

🍀- and that resentment usually bleeds into other areas of your relationship and lives.

🍀No human being like rejection, it kills ones spirit, will and hope.

🌹1b.You and your spouse should learn to acknowledge each other’s needs,

Don’t turn your spouse down, sacrifice for love, unless it will kill you if not , attend to his needs.

Each spouse must learn to initiate sex, don’t leave it for your hubby alone.
Its not men’s work👂👂

“When couples do this, it takes the pressure off the person who is always doing the asking.

❤️2.Learn to work on any sexual dysfunction.

🍀Sexual dysfunction (including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or a lack of vaginal lubrication, hatred for sex/ fear of sex) .

🍀Its so frustrating when your ready to be intimate with your spouse and Mr Pepe refuse to wake up.

🍀When you are getting down and you have just enjoy the ride , and premature ejaculation set’s in.

🍀It’s the worse feeling you can put any woman through.
Its can kill a woman’s sexual appetite.

2b🌹”Couples simply need to change their mindset and be OK with the fact that the body doesn’t always perform as the mind wishes it did.”

It’s also helpful for couples to widen their definition of quality sex. Discuss any fears or hatred you have for sex with your hubby.

“Couples need to realize that there are an infinite variety of ways to delight a partner that don’t depend on an erect penis or vaginal penetration,”

“When all types of sexual touch are viewed to be as equally valuable, couples can switch gears and find another trick up their sleeves.”

Couples should find (Medical or herbal(not babalawo )solutions for sexual dysfunction problems.


❤️3. Schedule sex.

Yes, you heard me,
If you don’t plan for anything, then you don’t expect that same thing to work.

We go to school, primary for 6years, Secondary School for another 6years.
Then University.

But when it come to sex, no planning, no studying.
No teacher,

❤️3b.Add sex to your calendar and consider creating “sex menus” based on what you like.

You schedule your kids’ play dates, your doctor’s appointments, why not sex.

For couples stuck in passionless marriages, husbands that are old school
Climb do and come down.

Keep talking to him in love language. Show him love and passion.

“Creating quality experiences requires planning your love menu.

❤️4. Stop worrying about orgasms.

Some couples stressed over the state of their sex lives,
The belief that the must reach orgasm it time.

It there rain everyday, no. The days you don’t reach it, try the next time.

Having an orgasm is not the be-all and end-all of sex.

“If orgasm happens, great — that’s the icing on the cake,” but if not enjoy it and work towards a better sex enjoyment.

❤️3b.But sex can also be as simple as a heavy make-out session in the nude, some time together in the bath or even a massage.

❤️Encouraging other types of intimacy, that are less intimidating and have less pressure can ease the couple back into great sex.”

Don’t blame your hubby if you don’t reach orgasm, encourage him to do better.

Show him in love where to touch that puts you quickly in the mood.

Don’t tell him how your friend reaches orgasm everyday(who knows she might be lying).

5❤️.Spend More Time Together.

It’s funny that couples are so busy even at home.
We are separated for the whole day and at evenings